Osaka maishima seaside park baby blue-eyes Festival

Osaka maishima seaside park baby blue-eyes Festival

It is baby blue-eyes Festival 2020 in house
Instagram photo contest

Announcement of "baby blue-eyes Festival 2020" cancellation
With "event held self-restraint request" of new coronavirus infectious disease measures delivered from Osaka,
We postponed opening of the park and cancel holding of "baby blue-eyes Festival 2020".
Complimentary ticket, admission discount coupon are available in the next fiscal year, but please note that business contents may be changed.
In addition, with cancellation to "Osaka maishima seaside park" as cannot enter a kindergarten, please be careful.

April 14, 2020
Osaka maishima seaside park

Application essential point


①Shooting photograph of baby blue-eyes Festival of last year
②Photograph of baby blue-eyes bringing up at home
③Official character "Nemo, mew" photograph which baby blue-eyes can imagine
Example) Kyaraben, stuffed toy

The application deadline

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Application method

① We install "Instagram"

② We search official account "Osaka maishima seaside park" (osaka_maishima_seasidepark) and respond

③ In "# house put baby blue-eyes Festival 2020", and post


The middle of June, 2020
※We announce in our site.

Commendation, supplementary prize

・Baby blue-eyes prize (20) of memory : Pair admission complimentary ticket of baby blue-eyes Festival of the next year
・Nemo mew prize (20) : Nemo sets mew stuffed toy with ball chain


The baby blue-eyes Festival administration secretariat

Attention in application

  1. Application needs follow of, official account "Osaka maishima seaside park" (osaka_maishima_seasidepark). Hashtag puts "baby blue-eyes Festival 2020 in # house", and please post photograph which you photographed. In addition, we invalidate contribution without hashtag.
  2. In the case of contribution contents that image of our garden is damaged, it becomes out of selection object.
  3. When person appears in subject, on application, consent of the person (subject) is necessary by all means. In addition, consent of pro-incarnation is necessary when subject is minor. When act violating copyright, right of likeness of other people is carried out, we cannot take responsibility of trouble about that at all. When violation becomes clear after the winning a prize decision, we may cancel winning a prize.
  4. When it is not responded in official account "Osaka maishima seaside park" (osaka_maishima_seasidepark), we invalidate right of winning a prize.
  5. We send direct message of Instagram to prizewinner. When we do not get contact, we are selected and cancel.
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※Please note that inquiry over telephone may be hard to be connected