Osaka maishima seaside park baby blue-eyes Festival

Osaka maishima seaside park baby blue-eyes Festival


We publish common question put to our site in Q&A format as follows.

Is there person with a disability discount?
You can enter a kindergarten in adult (more than junior high student) 700 yen, child (to primary schoolchild) free of charge only for the person by the presentation of disability certificate.
About attendant, it is 700 yen (rate general from the second) to one person.
※Please show disability certificate to window.
Is there group discount?
You can enter a kindergarten for adult (more than junior high student) 800 yen, child (to primary schoolchild) 300 yen in 20 people or more.
Is even rainy weather open?
Even rainy weather is open, but may be closed at the time of stormy weather.
Can you eat lunch in garden?
We prohibit carry-on of food in garden and alcohols.
Is there place eating near?
There is cafe (cafe dance soil) to Maishima ceramic art building.
In addition, we sell "selectable lunch pack ticket" that admission ticket was bundled.
You have a choice between port dining Rico Rico and hotel lodge Maishima of hotel universal port, palm garden Maishima.
It is this about lunch pack ticket
How many parking lots can park?
Parking lot (empty open space) for exclusive use of Osaka maishima seaside park can park 1,800.
●Normal car: 700 yen/
●Medium size, large car: 2,000 yen/
It is this about other parking lot information
When we go by car, can search by navigation?
Our facility may not be reflected for facility which was born in 2019 by navigator.
In that case, search by "Maishima ceramic art building" (TEL.06-6463-7282), and come.
What kind of shoes should we visit with?
Sneakers are comfortable to walk in, and please visit with shoes which may become dirty.
Is restroom in garden?
Restroom is not in garden.
Entrance is fully equipped with flush lavatory (we add restroom for person with a disability) aside.
The use, please use restroom of "Maishima ceramic art building" near our garden in restroom except the garden.
Can you appreciate the garden with wheelchair?
As the sidewalk in garden is paved, it becomes easy to walk.
※We pave and are maintained, but recommend that it is visited with supporting as there is loose slope.
Is there rental of wheelchair?
About rental of wheelchair, we loan free.
Offering has of approximately 20, but please order the staff of the neighborhood of admission Exit or parking lot as making a reservation did not hear when on the day it was visited.
Please note that you may have to wait for a while on this occasion when all is loaning for number offering.
Can you enter a kindergarten with pet? Are there instructions when we enter a kindergarten?
Admission that is same as pet becomes able to enter only in state that you classified into cage or cart (thing which nature right and left, every direction were surrounded by), but please do not start from cage and cart in garden.
As there is not rental of cage and cart, please offer by each person.
Dog sling (baby carrier) is impossible.


※Please note that inquiry over telephone may be hard to be connected